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Didier SEIGLAND, chief executive officer of Digit Compétences Didier SEIGLAND, a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce (ESC) of Reims, has been a consultant in Human Resources since 1990, with fifteen years of professional experience in imagery and communication industries, at high-level positions in marketing and sales, in France and abroad.






Created in 1994, our firm has the OPQCM* qualification for recruiting managers. It intervenes in the following sectors of imagery and communication:
New information and communication technologies (Internet, multimedia), graphic industries, communication (advertising, special events, signaletics, design, packaging, display advertising, direct marketing, corporate gifts...), audiovisual, photography and electronic imagery.

* OPQCM - A French professional guarantee of high-quality services in management consulting.

Digit Competences

35 rue Saint Georges - 75009 Paris -
Tel : +33 142 800 108 - Fax : +33 142 800 390

E-mail: recrutement@digit-competences.com

Simplified joint stock company with a capital of 43 230 EUROS
SIRET 394 543 342 00015 - APE 741 G
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