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The current web site has been created by Digit Compétences according to articles L.111.1 and followings from french Code de la propriété intellectuelle. Pictures, texts, mottos, as well as any work included in the web site are property to Digit Compétences any person allowing Digit Compétences to make use of them. Reproductions of the web site and works on paper or data are allowed only if reserved to personnal use except for advertising, commercial, and/or information ends, and if they are legal under article L122-5 from french Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle.
Except for the lattest conditions, any reproduction, representation, use or modification, by any means and by any way, from any part of this web site without allowance from Digit Compétences is strictly prohibited and is considered as forgery which can be punished by 2 years of imprisonment and a fine up to 150.000 euros.


The name Digit Compétences, the logo Digit Compétences, and associated services are registered trademarks from Digit Compétences. Other brands are refered to ; in general they are identified by a capital letter. They are used by Digit Compétences with their creator's authorization, or just as an indication of products or services proposed by Digit Compétences. Reproduction, imitation, use, or addition of these brands without previous authorization from Digit Compétences of their respective creators are considered forgery which can be punished by 2 years of imprisonment and a fine up to 150.000 euros.

Hypertext Links

The use of hypertext links to the web site www.digit-competences.com requires a written authorization from Digit Compétences. If you wish to create hypertext links to our web site, you have to contact the webmaster from www.digit-competences.com first. Digit Compétences can never be held responsible for the use of web sites which contain hypertext links from www.digit-competences.com, and can not hold responsability on the contents, products,services, etc. available on or from those web sites.

Responsibility Level

The user navigates through the web site at his own risks. Digit Compétences can never be held responsible for direct of indirect harm, and particulary material hazards, data or software loss, and financial inconvenients linked to the access to or use of this website or any linked web sites. The contents of the web site are presented without any warranty.

Exercisable Law

Presented General Conditions depend from french law. The language for General Conditions is french. In case of litigation, only french tribunals are to be refered to.

General Conditions Update

Digit Compétences can modify and update access to the web site and General Conditions at any time. Those modifications and updates are imposed to the user who may consequently refer to this rubric frequently in order to check the current General Conditions.